Aloe-Amla Juice

Aloe-Amla Juice
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Diseases: Constipation, Skin Care, Blood purifier

Ingredients: Pure Amla Juice 46%, Aloevera Juice 47%, Wheat Grass  Juice 5%, Tulsi Juice 1.3%, Haldi  0.5%, Class II Preservative 0.2%, (Sodium  Benzoate)

Description It contains:

Aloevera - A wonder herb.

Amla - Best for Boosting immune system

Wheat Grass - An Extremely Nutritious herb

Tulsi -A well-known anti-infection herb

Haldi -A natural steroid.

This combination is specially made energy drink (For Children to any age). All its ingredients together form a mixture which boosts our immune system, curves obesity, increases blood levels, cures constipation. It also increases H.B. count. It increases our eye sight, skin fairness & vitality power. It is very effective in joint pains, Keeps bones healthy, prevents premature graying of hair. It is very nutritious product, Best source of calcium & iron hence it is a great Body Tonic.

Useful in: Blood purifier, Constipation, Hair problems, Ulcers, Skin diseases, Fat deposit, Improving eye sight, Excessive urination, Anaemia, Breathing problem, Kidney disease.



Upto 3 years 2 drops every morning

4-6 years 1-2 ml twice a day

7-12 years 2-5 ml twice a day

13 and above 10-20 ml twice a day

or as directed by physician.

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