Erandbhrisht Haritaki Churna

Weight: 75.00g
Price: Rs.70 (plus shipping)
Model: HP013
  • Being a gentle laxative it clears constipation and flatulence. 
  • It keeps motion soft and loose thereby provides great support in preventing and curing piles and anal fissure. 
  • Cleans up the gastro intestinal system and restores the proper digestive functions.

Long term constipation and indigestion is the real culprit in developing piles and anal fissure. Erandbhrisht Haritaki Churna is quite popular for its bowel cleansing effect. It keeps motion soft and loose thus facilitates easy, strain free bowel evacuation and allows natural healing in erosive condition of intestinal wall. Hence it is very common prescription for the patient of piles and anal fissure.

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