Keshamrut Hair Oil

Keshamrut Hair Oil
Weight: 100.00g
Price: Rs.125 (plus shipping)
Diseases: Hair Fall
Model: HO030

Processed by Kshirpak Vidhi

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

Give Smooth, Silky, Long & Dandruff Free Hair

Keshamrut contains goodness of sesame oil and potent medicinal herbs which are processed under ancient Ayurvedic method known as: “Kshirpak Vidhi” which involves boiling of medicinal herbs in Milk. Benefits: Sesame & Wheatgerm Oil is a rich source of Vitamin, Minerals and Proteins which helps to nourish scalp Brahmi, Jatamasi, Chandan & Vacha helps to improve blood circulation and gives a cooling effect. Brungraj and Heena helps to give natural colour and conditioning effect. Vatankur helps in promoting natural growth. Keshamrut is not a cosmetic or toiletry preparation or hair oil but is ayurvedic medicine intended for curative and preventive therapy of scalp disorders. For

External use only

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