Altocid Tablets

Altocid Tablets
Weight: 60.00g
Price: Rs.85 (plus shipping)
Diseases: Acidity
Model: HT001

A safe and natural Ayurvedic antacid

Say good bye to your acidity altogether

  • It quickly cools off burning sensation of hyperacidity
  • Apart from just neutralization of acid, it promotes healing in gastric-duodenal ulcers
  • Strengthens muco-protection mechanism of gastric wall

Altocid contains natural carbonates that immediately neutralize gastric acid, its astringents help stop ulcer formation, polyphenolic and anti-ulcer compounds induce ulcer healing, emollient and demulcents strengthen muco-protection of gastric wall. Thus, Altocid conforms its efficacy as a complete and comprehensive treatment of acid peptic disorders.

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