Avipattikar Tablets

Avipattikar Tablets
Weight: 100.00g
Price: Rs.95 (plus shipping)
Diseases: Acidity
Model: HT004

A quick Ayurvedic solution for hyperacidity

  • An Ayurvedic antacid compound that provides quick relief from burning sense of hyperacidity
  • As it contains digestive ingredients, apart from just neutralization of acid, it restores healthy digestion also
  • Calms down feeling of nausea and vomiting  

Avipattikar is a choice of preparation in Ayurvedic practice for quick and long lasting treatment of chronic acidity. According to Ayurvedic text, excessive sour, hot or heavy indigestible food stuff spoils normal digestive pitta (bile and gastric acids) and induces its over secretion which eventually results in hyper acidity. By gentle purgative action Avipattikar Tablet expels out abnormal pitta, normalizes the secretion of bile and digestive acids, resets whole digestive system back to normal.

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