Bael Candy

Bael Candy
Weight: 250.00g
Price: Rs.75 (plus shipping)
Model: HZ039

Natural and nutritious Herbal Sweet

Amrut Bael Candy is made from choicest quality Bael fruits, a nature’s gift to resolve common bowel complaints.

Due to its rich nutritive, sweet, aromatic mucilage and pectin contents Bael fruits are reputed as the master remedy for common bowel complaints. As per Ayurvedic literature, Bael fruit is very much useful in motion disorders (Chronic diarrhea and dysentery), stool with blood (ulcerative colitis) and amoebiasis. It helps in healing of ulcerated intestinal surfaces. It also improves appetite and thereby maintains proper digestive functions. It is also very beneficial in digestive disorders like chronic constipation, colic pain, piles etc. (Ref: Bhavprakash Nighantu)

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