Chosath Prahari Pippal Churna

Chosath Prahari Pippal Churna
Weight: 15.00g
Price: Rs.120 (plus shipping)
Diseases: Cough & cold allergic
Model: HP009

A Highly potenized ayurvedic anti-kapha formula

  • Pippali (Piper longum) fruit is fortified with its own juice for constant 192 hours in order to increase its disease fighting potential.
  • Has an excellent anti-cough property hence used in various respiratory disorders
  • Very useful in chronic and allergic type of cough & cold.
  • Protects and stimulates liver

The name Chosath Prahari Pippal itself describes a very unique ayurvedic method of drug potentiation. The fine powder of Pippali (Piper longum) fruit is triturated with its own juice for continuous 192 hours (64 prahar, 1 prahar = 3 hours). This fortification method is used to increase the disease fighting potential of particular herb so that even in very small doses it can exhibit strong efficacy. Chosath Prahari Pippal is widely used in ayurvedic practice especially for chronic type of respiratory ailments. 

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