Giloye Stem Juice

Giloye Stem Juice
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Diseases: Acidity, Flu, Joint pain

Rated as A wonder herb in Ayurveda

Ingredients: Pure Giloye Juice 99.8%, Class II Preservative 0.2%, (Sodium  Benzoate)

Giloye is to be known in India as Amrit (The food of God, Nectar, Ambrosia). Its not only create resistance power of the body but also cure from all diseases. Its not only helps to cure diseases but also not having any side effect also it does not increase diseases. It helps to cure jaundice hepatitus, asthma, acidity, cancer, rheumatism, arthrites, it also cure all type of fever. It is Tridosh Nashak (It controls three humours of the body viz. phlegm, bile, wind). It is best blood purifier increases haemoglobin. It is best for wind ailment when used with cow ghee, for bile with sugar (Shakkar), for cough with honey. It also cures diabetes.

Useful in: Excessive urination, Joint pain, Flu infection, Acidity, Indigestion.


Upto 3 years 1-2 ml twice a day

4-6 years 5 ml twice a day

8-12 years 10ml twice a day

13 and above 20-30 ml twice a day

or as directed by physician.

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