Gomutra Haritaki Tablets

Gomutra Haritaki Tablets
Weight: 100.00g
Price: Rs.85 (plus shipping)
Diseases: Constipation
Model: HT022

An Ayurvedic bowel cleanser fortified with Gomutra

  • Softens stool, enhances intestinal motility
  • Ensures smooth, effortless bowel evacuation
  • Excellent digestive and carminative
  • Detoxifies blood, helps resolving blood born skin diseases

Gomutra Haritaki is prepared based on a unique Ayurvedic principle of ‘Bhavna’. In the Ayurvedic texts, it has been mentioned that by adding any liquid or aqueous extract obtained as fresh juice, any forms of decoction, percoction, paste etc., to macerate & mash with the powdered herbs till complete drying is called as Bhavana.

The basic Ayurvedic and the scientific concept of giving Bhavana to single or complex herbal formulations is to potentiate the herb or herbs by increasing the active principle contents of such processed herb or herbs, which is also beneficial in providing an optimum, balanced and reduced dosage as a herbal medicine.

Ayurveda describes Gomutra as a very holy Rasayana (health tonic) that is capable of balancing all three dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). As per recent scientific research findings it contains variety of many useful bio-active substances like essential amino acids, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, hormones and minerals. During various scientific studies, it has shown very strong anti bacterial, anti viral, immuno-stimulator and adaptogenic properties. It has an ability to enhance original properties of respective medicinal substance or formula with which it is processed.
Here powder of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) is macerated with Gomutra (Cow urine) in order to enhance its original disease fighting activity for which it is intended to be used.

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