Kanchanar Guggal Tablet

Kanchanar Guggal Tablet
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Diseases: Cholesterol

Ensures correction of lipid disorders

  •  Removes accumulated Kapha especially associated with meda (fat)
  •  Helps reduces accumulation of fat, also clears its over deposition from tissues.
  •  Supports purification of blood & lymph by eliminating toxic elements.  

Kanchnar guggulu is a classical Ayurvedic formula that is used to eliminate over deposition of abnormal meda (fat) & kapha from tissues that appears as abnormal fatty overgrowth, obesity, swollen lymphnode and abscess. It is also a specific herb for hypothyroidism. It has a stimulating effect on thyroid; increases deficient thyroxin production. It also clears swellings in the neck and goiter

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