Karela Jamun juice

Karela Jamun juice
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Diseases: Constipation, Diabetes, Blood purifier

Enriched with

Amla, Neem, Giloye & Sadabahar

Ingredients: Jamun (Fruit, seeds and chall) 25%, Karela Juice 49.8%, Amla Juice 19%, Giloye Juice 2%, Neem Juice 2%, Sadabahar Juice 2%, Class II Preservative 0.2%, (Sodium  Benzoate)

It contains:
Karela - A wonder herb.
Jamun - Prevents All disease caused due to Diabetes.
Amla - Best for Boosting immune system.
Giloye -Top rated herb In AYURVEDA.
Neem -A well-known Blood Purifier.
Sadabhar -Vitalises pancreas and immune system.

This Ayuvedic Medicine is a complete Diabetic Essential (For Children to any age) product.All its ingredients together form a mixture which prevents, helps to cure Diabetes. Its regular use from early age prevents diabetes. It controls diabetes, increases and purifies blood, cures constipation. It also increases H.B. count. It increases our eye sight, skin fairness & vitality power. It is very effective in all diseases caused due to diabetes. It boosts our immune & digestive system.It stimulates pancreas to secrete insulin. This medicine is very effective in purifying blood. It detoxifies the whole body. This product stimulates glucose uptake and its metabolism by tissues.It is very nutritious product.

Useful in: Excessive urination, Constipation,  Improving eye sight, Skin diseases, Improving Immune system.


Upto 3 years 2 drops every morning

4-6 years 1-2 ml twice a day

7-12 years 2-5 ml twice a day

13 and above 10-20 ml twice a day

or as directed by physician.

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