Pyrogin Tablets

Pyrogin Tablets
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Diseases: Cough & cold allergic

The safest way to cool down your temperature

  • Brings down temperature through diaphoretic and febrifugal action
  • Its anti-microbial property ensures protection against bacterial and viral infection
  • Safest way to subside fever associated with cough and cold

Pyrogin comprises very selective Ayurvedic anti-fever herbs. It not just reduces the temperature but also exerts strong immuno-modulation. By strengthening immune system it enables body to fight with various microbial infections. As a co-therapy it provides valuable hepato-protection if taken with modern analgesic, anti-pyretic drugs to negate their hepatotoxic effect.

Pyrogin is a breakthrough combination that offers significant protection against malarial, bacterial and viral infections as a prophylactic medication.

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