Tulsi Ginger Tea

Tulsi Ginger Tea
Weight: 100.00g
Price: Rs.50 (plus shipping)
Model: HZ067

Anti-oxidant and digetive hebal tea blend

  • Best soothing in cough-cold condition
  • Strengthens respiratory immunity
  • Helps imporve digestion

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is much reputed as a sacred herb of India used for its multiple curative properties. Shunthi (Dry Ginger) also has been revered as a kitchen spice and a valuable medicine. Both the herbs have natural ability to fight against virus and bacteria therefore are widely used to treat common cough-cold, allergies and other respiratory illness. This Tulsi-Ginger combination also helps restore healthy digestion, eases motion sickness and flatulence and boosts immunity. It is a powerful anti oxidant and good skin rejuvenator as well.

Regular use of Amrut TULSI-GINGER Tea is useful to prevent various digestive and respiratory problems.

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