Brahmi Amla Hair Oil 200ml

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Natural aid for healthy hair growth

Brahmi-Amala oil is a classical Ayurvedic hair oil that provides optimum nutrition to your hair and induces mental relaxation as well. It is made using purest quality Brahmi (Bacopa) and fresh juice of Amala (Indian goosberry) following original ancient Ayurvedic recipe. 

Brahmi-Amala oil contains two rasayan (revitalizing) herbs Amala and Brahmi. Amala is a richest source of vit C and many anti-oxidant agents that nourishes hair from root making it strong and healthy whereas Brahmi, a renowned brain tonic herb that relaxes the mind. It is prepared in a base of pure sesame oil that provides vital nutrients to hair root containing good amount of Vit A & E. It also conditions hair making it long, healthy and lustrous.