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Dispensing Section

Oral Liquid Section

Manufacturing 1000 Lt per day

Filling 15000 Bottles per day

Labelling & Packing 15000 Bottle

Avaleh Section

Manufacturing 250Kg per day

Filling 1500 Bottles per day


Extraction & Filtration 1000 Lt per day

Herbal Cosmetics (Toothpaste)

Manufacturing 500 Kg per day

Filling 20000 Tubes per day

Herbal Cosmetics (Oil & Shampoo)

Manufacturing 1000 Lt per day

Filling 12000 Bottles per day

Herbal Cosmetics (Cream & Lotion)

Manufacturing 100 Kg per day

Filling 1500 Bottles per day

Powder, Tablet & Capsule

RMG 300 Kg per day

FBD 300 Kg per day

Capsule Section

Manufacturing 40000 Capsules per day

Grinding Section

Crude RM Section

Pulverizing & Sifting

Utility Section

23 - Air Handling Units

Boiler- 1Ton Fuel: Bio mass

100 Ton - 2 Units With VFD System

DG Power Backup 325 & 125 KVA

RO & PW Water System

Roasting Section

Roaster Machine- 1 Cap : 100 Kg

Roaster Machine- 2 Cap : 200Kg

Juice Section

Manufacturing 500 L per day

Filling 1500 bottles per day

Food Items Packing Area

Candy Section

Food Supplement

Manufacturing 200 Kg per day

Filling 20000 Pouch per day

Soap Section

Manufacturing 1500 Per day Mfg & Packing

Solar Drying

Service Area 1 To 4

Q.C Laboratory

Raw Material Department