Mind Relax Herbal Tea-100 GM

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Refreshing Health drink for relaxing mind

  • Contains brain tonic herbs
  • Natural anti-stress agents protect brain from mental fatigue
  • Brings relaxation and induces sound sleep

Amrut MIND RELAX Herbal Tea is a balanced mixture of Ayurvedic brain tonic herbs and aromatic spices. It has the rich taste and aroma of natural essential oils.

This blend contains Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu that are acclaimed as Medhya (brain tonic) herbs in Ayurveda. Since ages they are being used to improve over all mental efficiency. This tea also contains anti-stress herbs like Tulsi, Tagar mool and Jatamansi. These herbs help to relax and calm the mind and induce a sound sleep.

Amrut MIND RELAX Tea is the best dietary support for people performing high intellectual work and frequently encounters mental stress.