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Chyawanprash Classic Gold 500g

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Enjoy the golden secret of ancient health

  • A premium Ayurvedic health tonic enriched with pure oxidized gold and silver, real saffron and almond
  • Primarily contains Amala, a richest source of natural Vitamin C
  • Exhibits more intensive anti oxidant, system rejuvenating and immuno-stimulator action in body
  • Helps maintain both physical and mental health
  • Best adjuvant for successful management of chronic respiratory ailments

For ages, Chyawanprash has been the most popular among ancient health secrets. It is believed to be the best tonic to maintain good health.

Amrut Classic Gold Chyawanprash contains all major tonic ingredients of classical chyawanprash and is further enriched with potent wonder herbs, dry fruits and minerals; makes it an ideal revitalizer for body and mind. 

Pure Gold and Silver bhasma: These are acclaimed in Ayurveda as powerful rejuvenator and memory booster. They strengthen body immunity and maintain vitality & vigor.

Abhrak & Bang bhasm: Very effective in respiratory & metabolic disorders.

Brahmi and Jatamansi: Reduces stress, enhances intellectual and memory functions.

Ashwagandha, Shatavari & Moosali: Stimulates internal body defense, best tonic for weigh loss, muscular emaciation and debility.

Saffron: Its pleasant fragrance & warmth generates instant energy by stimulating blood circulation. It provides glow & luster to the skin and vigor to the body.

Amrut Classic Gold Chyawanprash is admired as a wonder tonic to stabilize physical and mental health, suitable for all age groups for all seasons.

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