Diabit Plus Tablets

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Secures a happy life for diabetics

         It provides effective blood sugar control as it…

  • Stimulates liver that ensures terminal digestion and metabolism of sugar
  • Stimulates pancreas in order to increase availability of insulin
  • Highly beneficial for prevention of secondary complications of diabetes
  • Best adjuvant for successful management of Diabetes Type 2

Dia-Bit is a blend of time-tested anti-diabetic Ayurvedic herbs. These natural herbs are well documented in Ayurvedic text for their sugar lowering potential and used traditionally since ages for mild to moderate hyperglycemia. It promotes peripheral consumption of glucose, B-cell (insulin producing cells) repair and regeneration. It has additional advantage of natural highly anti oxidant agents that protects B-cell from oxidative stress. Dia-Bit is completely safe and can be taken to reduce the risk of resistance of modern anti-diabetic drugs. It  also provides valuable protection against diabetic complications.

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