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Harde Churna-500 g

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500 g

A safe and gentle bowel regulator

  • It is one the prime drug in Ayurvedic therapy that has potential to balance all three dosha (Vata, pitta & Kapha)
  • Being a gentle laxative it clears constipation and flatulence
  • Restores normal digestive functions
  • Detoxifies blood, restores normal healthy metabolism
  • Cleans up the gastro intestinal system and restores the proper digestive functions

Harde (Terminalia chebula) has great reputation in Ayurvedic treaties for its curative effect over indigestion. According to Ayurvedic text, indigestion is the mother of all metabolic diseases. Harde has an ability to retrieve the normal digestion back and to maintain the balance of all three dosha. It is widely employed in Ayurvedic practice as a gentle laxative, blood purifier and digestive.

Dosage : 1teaspoonful (4 gm) daily before bed time with lukewarm water or as advised by physician.

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Indication Constipation, Indigestion