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Natural support for effective sugar control

In addition to high vitamins and minerals contents Karela contains large amount of bitter bioactive agents that

  • Help controls blood sugar
  • Stimulates liver, improve assimilation of vital food elements
  • Restores normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Purifies blood thus helps in blood born skin ailments 

Karela (Momordica Charantia) also known as Bitter Melon, or Bitter Gourd. It is a herb that helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps body functions operating normally.

It contains Gurmarin, a polypeptide considered to be similar to bovine insulin, which has been shown in experimental studies to achieve a positive sugar regulating effect by suppressing the neural response to sweet taste stimuli.

Karela's principle constituents are lectins, charantin and momordicine. The fruits have long been used in India as a folk remedy for diabetes.

The fruits and leaves of the plant contain two alkaloids, one of them being momordicine. The plant is reported to contain a glucoside, a saponin-like substance, a resin with an unpleasant taste, an aromatic volatile oil and a mucilage. Karela being rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, B1, B2, C and Iron, its regular use helps to prevent many complications such as hypertension, eye complications, neuritis and defective metabolism of carbohydrates. It increases body's resistance against infection. Karela effectively detoxifies blood and is highly beneficial in the treatment of blood disorders like blood boils, scabies, itching, psoriasis, ring-worm and other fungal diseases.

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Indication Blood purifier, Diabetes