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Liposil Tablet

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Shape your body, shape a healthy life

  • Promotes weight loss
  • Significantly reduces blood cholesterol level along with lipids and triglycerides
  • Help reduce risk of heart blockage, high blood pressure and diabetes in early obesity

Liposil is a compound of few very potent anti obesity Ayurvedic herbs. Guggulu, one of the prime ingredient of this formulation is now worldwide known and accepted for its anti obesity and cholesterol lowering action. At the end of various research studies the natural ingredients of this formulation have been found to be effective in reducing obesity by following way...

  • Reduce blood lipids by inhibiting fatty acid synthesis and fat cell production
  • Restrict synthesis of bad cholesterol (LDL, VLDL) which are responsible for fat accumulation.
  • Improve good cholesterol (HDL) level that helps remove bad cholesterol from circulatory system and prevents heart diseases.
  • Increase fat catabolism/mobilization, maintain energy levels

Hence, Liposil is a comprehensive therapy that ensures definite results in obesity and cholesterol disorders. It is also very useful as a co-therapy in order to enhance the potential of modern anti-cholesterol therapy and to prevent their complications.

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