Pickle Masala

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INGREDIENTS (In powder form) : Fenugreek, Kashmiri chilli, Iodised salt, Mustard, Mustard oil


Recipe: Wash one kg of raw mangoes with fresh water and then cut it evenly. Add to it 200 g of BAPS Amrut Pickle Masala and mix properly and allow it to stay for few minutes. Then again mix properly and fill in a glass jar. Heat 200 g of mustard oil or any other oil as per your requirement. Once the oil cools down, add to the jar and mix properly. Then add some more oil and allow to stay for two days after which you can consume the pickle. While preparing the pickle, one need not use any other masala besides BAPS Amrut Pickle Masala. You can adjust the quantity of raw mangoes as per your requirements.
BAPS Amrut Pickle Masala may also be used to prepare pickles from lemon, gunda, cucumber, chillies, etc.

Please do not use product if packet is not intact. For lasting aroma, store in an airtight container.

No artificial color added.

Hygienically packed.

Store in cool & dry place.

Keep away from direct sun light. 

Always use a dry spoon.

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