Sugar Care Herbal Tea-20 Tea bags

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20 Tea bags

Refreshing Health drink for diabetics

  • Contains sugar controlling ayurvedic herbs
  • helps maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • best dietary supplement for diabetics

Amrut SUGAR CARE Herbal Tea is a perfect blend of time-tested sugar controlling Ayurvedic herbs. Traditionally, these herbs are used to restore mild to moderate imbalance of body sugar. This tea is completely safe and can be taken freely by diabetics.

Herbs like Bilipatra, Gudmar, Jamun beej and Haldi are recommended in Ayurveda to control abnormally increased level of body sugar called Madhumeha. Tulsi, Talispatra, Tamalpatra and Yashtimadhu help in restoring proper digestion and metabolism of blood glucose.

Amrut SUGAR CARE Tea is the best dietary support for people suffering from mild to moderate diabetes.