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A truely effective brain tonic

  • Think Tonic is the best supportive to student and those who rather perform intellectual work and frequently encounters mental stress.
  • It helps improve memory, concentration, alertness, grasping power.
  • It helps remove antixiety, depression, mental fatigue, attention fluctuation. 

Think Tonic is a perfect blend of very potent brain tonic herbs. These herbs have been acclaimed in Ayurvedic literature for their positive influence on brain functions. Many of their claims also are being supported by recent modern scientific researches. These are...

  • Enhance concentration, grasping and recalling power
  • Improve mental quotient, memory span and stress threshold
  • Render alertness, calms nervousness & brings relaxation
  • Ameliorate attention fluctuation and behavioral disorders
  • Correct speech defects by improving neurou-muscular transmission & coordination
  • Contain many strong antioxidant agents which reduce risk of early degenerative changes in brain cells
  • Significantly delay degenerative senile nervine disorders
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Indication Children's Tonic, General Health Tonic, General Tonic, Memory booster