Tulsin Cough Syrup -100 ml

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100 ml

A safe and harmless herbal cough syrup

Silence your cough naturally

  • Its anti-tussive, expectorant and mucolytic properties provide quick relief in symptoms of throat and airway congestion
  • Its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and immuno-modulator actions lend effective protection against various infective causes 

Tulsin cough syrup is a genuine herbal cough syrup made from very gentle Ayurvedic herbs. It is an excellent soothing aid in both dry and productive cough. It stimulates melting and then clearance of thickend mucous from airways thereby gives prompt relief in difficult breathing. It quickly reduces throat irritation and calms dry coughing. It is completely a safe and natural anti-cough formula for long term use for all age groups.

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