Bal chyawansudha 500g

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An Ayurvedic health guard for children

  • An Ayurvedic health tonic specially designed for children
  • Contains Amala, richest source of natural Vitamin C and many other potent Ayurvedic herbs
  • Promotes optimum mental and physical growth in children 
  • Being a great immuno-stimulator, provide valuable protection against viral and bacterial infection

Amrut Bal Chyawansudha is a unique blend of 29 ayurvedic tonic herbs. These herbs have strong recommendation in Ayurveda for children to enhance their immunity and disease fighting ability. It successfully prevents and manages recurrent attack of cough & cold, physical weakness and mental deficiency. on one hand Bal Chyawansudha keeps child physically alert, agile and active while the other end it helps boost memory and mental efficiency. 

This compound truely helps maintain optimum growth of young body and mind.

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Indication Children's Tonic, General Tonic